Plot Buying and Selling Services

For those looking to buy or sell a plot of land. As a specialist building p
lot agent, Fidẽlitãs offers seamless solutions.

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Self & Custom Build Advisory Services

Prior to the town planning act in 1947, all new houses were custom builds! It’s never been easier or more affordable to create a self or custom built home! The government’s objective is to double the volume of self build and custom self-build homes to 30,000 units pa by 2020. Let us help you.

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Buyers Agent Services

Professional, existing property search, find and acquire services for clients. 
Find out how we can help you.

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Fidelitas Key

Professional Property Services

Fidẽlitãs are independent and trusted advisors within the property sector with a reputation for offering unbiased and valuable property consultancy services.

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Our Services

Who are Fidẽlitãs?

A skilled, expert and dedicated property consultancy founded 
in 1986.

Fidẽlitãs are property consultants with a broad reach offering clients independent and informed advice within the fast moving property landscape.

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