Buyers Agent Services

Professional, existing property search, find and acquire services for clients.

As a buyers agent, Fidẽlitãs ensures the buyer’s interests are professionally represented at every step of the ‘search and find’ buying process.  Displaying complete understanding of the buyers vision, we work on their behalf to acquire the ideal property, in the right location. As the transaction progresses, we continue to represent the clients’ best interests throughout negotiations to exchange and completion.

Very often, existing ‘exceptional’ properties with unique appeal are not initially offered in the ‘open market’, but are available in a ‘word of mouth pre-market’, where no marketing, advertising or publicity takes place. However, ‘off market’ inspections can be arranged and offers entertained. Fidẽlitãs has personal network access to the wide range of selling agents adopting this discreet approach to a sale. Such transactions do not appear in the public market until the property ownership has changed.

As a buyers agent, we represent individual clients who wish to purchase outstanding residential homes/estates and construction clients with larger projects in mind such as new builds or conversions.  Whatever the size and scope of the buyers’ objective, we are able to scale up or down to our client’s requirements.  Accustomed to liaising with town planning consultants and all specialist property professionals in providing development and concept design advice, buying clients can be assured that Fidẽlitãs offers the very best, dedicated personal service.

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