Plot Buying and Selling Services

For those looking to buy or sell a plot of land. As a specialist building plot agent, Fidẽlitãs offers seamless solutions for landowners with plots to sell and for retained buyer clients’ searching to buy a plot and commissioning their own custom self-build property. Our buying and selling services are unique to the private self and custom builder plot market. A number of larger agencies operate specialist land and new homes departments; however these activities are largely exclusive to the commercial developer market with their attention focused on the new house sales of new developments.

As experts in building plot buying and selling, Fidẽlitãs works closely with landowners, agents and developers to ensure that our access to all available building plots is unrivalled in this sector.  

The intrinsic mechanisms of this specialist property market make it incredibly difficult for custom self-build plots to be offered to private buyers. With our extensive industry contacts and ever expanding database of available plots and registered custom builders, Fidẽlitãs has unique access to pre-market and off-market building plots and sites progressing through the town planning process.  

This level of expertise, knowledge and personal dedicated service means we can search, find and acquire the perfect plot for our custom self-build clients to create their new dream home.

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